Personalized Diet Program

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A one time diet to help you lose or gain weight.

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Product Description

All my products start with a consultation via skype, phone, or email. Whichever you prefer, although I think it’s best we get to meet and talk. It’s more productive and gives me more opportunity to learn about you, your goals, and where you are in your current diet or training. I want to be sure that whatever I put together for you is as good of a fit as it can be and that it maximizes your results. I think this is the best way to do that.

Based on our consultation, I’ll put together a diet that I think would be the best fit for you and send it to you to review. The diet will include calories and macro totals as well as a specific list of meals for you to eat every day. This takes all the hassle out of the process for you – just follow the plan and you’ll get closer to your goals! I’ll answer any initial questions you have about the diet to insure you understand it thoroughly and if you have any concerns over food choices/meals I’ll adjust those to your liking. You’ll track your weight for the next two weeks and based on that, I’ll adjust the diet (calories/macros) one time to make sure we’re setting you up optimally. After that two week period, I will no longer be able to answer questions regarding the diet. Includes cardio.


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